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We are a locally owned, owner-operated, lawn care business servicing your local community focused on providing value and satisfied customers.



We take pride in your lawn always leaving it looking great!

Aerating & Dethatching

Spring and Fall services including lawn repair and seeding

Grounds Maintenance

Changing messy landscapes into clean and orderly surroundings!


Why choose us?  

Quality and Value:  We provide reliable, quality work at a competitive price but we also strive to always be the best value.   We recognize that adjusting schedules to the rate of the grass growth is the best value and results in highest customer satisfaction.  Because we only service local lawns, we can flex your schedule without concerns of mowing because we are in the area.  

Attention to details:  


We use cam action plugging aerators which are superior to rolling aerators achieving deeper plugs and more of them!  Aeration is beneficial both in the Spring and Fall for different reasons.  Is Fall always better to aerate?  Most often it is but not always!  Contact us and we will tell you why!  We understand turf!  


Dethatching can be beneficial to ensure that your lawn has proper air circulation to prevent various lawn diseases and promote new grass shoots and a thicker and healthier lawn which is more resistant to weeds.  Dethatching is a service that you may want to consider every 2-3 years, however some grasses are more prone to developing thatch and can benefit from dethatching more frequently.  We can determine if your lawn needs dethatched and show you either way.  

If your lawn has a brown look to it when it is cut short does it need dethatching?  Not necessarily!  In some cases we can show you how to resolve this problem without dethatching.

Overseeding and lawn repair

This is complimentary to aeration and dethatching when your lawn has been damaged or has weak areas.  We can help!

Turf Knowlege

We were formerly licensed to apply fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides but we got out of that business to focus on lawn maintenance services.  But we understand turf and if you are struggling with your lawn treatment service, become a PT Lawncare customer and we can help you navigate the treatment options with your lawn treatment company.  

Did you know that some soils are much more prone to grub infestation?  Did you know that the grub has a dual life cycle and you may need to treat twice a year, especially if you have a particular soil makeup?  

Do you know how to prevent lawn fungus with how you cut and care for your lawn?  Treatments of disease and fungus can be very costly.  We can tell you what is best for your lawn! 

Grounds Maintenance

Clearing, trimming, bed maintenance, etc.  What challenges do you have?  

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